Beyond Reading ID S.O.F.I.A.: 49240

Beyond Reading ID S.O.F.I.A.: 49240

A CURA DI: Loescher e Helbling
DESTINATARI: Docenti di Inglese della Scuola secondaria di Primo Grado – livello CEFR A1-A2
FORMATORI: Biggs Gavin

Webinar 1: The Missed Trick: Reading for Pleasure

It is well known that reading for pleasure enables students to progress quickly across all language skills – however most teachers do not have the time or freedom to implement measures to encourage free reading in class. Extensive reading belongs in the language classroom, and it is up to us to find ways to begin to introduce elements of storytelling into activities even from standard textbooks. However, if we can adapt graded readers in class and develop skills for visual imagery, understanding character viewpoints and moral choices, then we have taken the first steps in encouraging learner autonomy and free thinking. In this talk we will explore practical skills to begin the journey into getting the best out of stories in class and attempt to narrow the gap between how students are asked to use language in class, and how they will use it in the real world. 

Webinar 2: Extended Activities for Stories: Supporting Creativity

Understanding the function of stories is essential in providing opportunities for students to step out of their comfort zone, and into real life creative language use. Innovation is a difficult skill to practise in any classroom, but there are many simple teaching and modelling techniques to lead students into being more creative with language – even from grammar activities! In this workshop we will practise and demonstrate techniques for use with all ages, as well as looking at all the possibilities stories offer for focusing on areas of difficulty for individual students.

Webinar 1 – Durata: 2 ore
Webinar 2 –  Durata: 2 ore

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I Formatori di questo Webinar

Biggs gavin

Gavin Biggs has been working in education for approximately 20 years, teaching and managing educational projects with government, academic, vocational and corporate partners. Gavin has a degree in Psychology from the University of Exeter and his professional interests include the effective use of stories in learning, and motivational psychology in the classroom. He was based in China for over ten years, focusing on building international education partnerships. Gavin is now an ELT author and freelance trainer.        

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