Nagy Nora

Nora Nagy is an English language teacher with experience in teaching primary, secondary and third-level both in the public and private sectors. She is also the co-author of the Helbling Readers Blog. Currently she is teaching multimedia communication and academic writing courses to English majors and English teacher trainees. She is also writing her doctoral dissertation in the field of Applied Linguistics. (Her research areas include multimodality, semiotics, museum education, and writing development in language education.)

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Shakespeare in the English language class ID S.O.F.I.A.: 50182

A cura di: Helbling
Formatore: Nagy Nora
Learning English without learning about Shakespeare and his works means missing out on a rich vocabulary resource, cultural heritage and a lot of fun and excitement. Although ...

Destinatari: Docenti di Inglese della Scuola secondaria di Secondo Grado – livello CEFR B1-B1+

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